Speakers Prep


Digitalise the entire Speakers Prep Process!

We combine our Eventranet website with our onsite speakers prep technicians to ensure the smooth running of the entire process. No more onsite stress!


The Eventranet website allows presenters to upload online both pre and during the event. Presenters can upload up to 20 mins before their sessions starts and their presentation will be automatically synced to the rooms and ready for their session. The online upload allows presenters to choose whether they want their presentation viewable on the website, if they choose yes - they can preview online, upload PDF downloads and update their contact info.


Holding slide creation is now automated and pre-linked with the in room presentations. No more hours spent linking !

Key Features: Online presentation upload, holding slide creation, automatic syncing into the rooms, integration with Eventranet website

Presenters: Upload presentation pre-event, write bio + content, update social media + contact info

Speakers Prep Room: Upload presentations, technical support for delegates + presenters

AV Staff: Automatic sync in rooms, online check list from speakers prep room for seamless pre-session in room checks