Hi! We are Paperless Events

Paperless Events is about changing the solutions available to clients, breaking new ground in event technology and advancing on existing services that previously have not allowed events to achieve their full potential.

We care about our work

We are a dedicated small team of web designers & event managers. We came together in 2010 with a combined interest in event management & software development.

We have gained a strong reputation for delivery of seamless digital experiences & creative dgitial solutions for our clients' events and since our inception we have garnered vast experience which we are now able to pass on to our future clients.

We customise our software for each event, depending on the specifications and guidelines. Each event we do has an event manager which works closely with the PCO & committee to transform the event and deliver a unique and positive digital experience for the delegates.

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5 employees
1 office
5 outstanding products
100s of events
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